Download your copy of the 2024 Guide to Entries

2024 Guide to Entries 

If printing a copy from home, please select print in booklet form. 

Printed copies area available from: 

  • Centre Ag Services  - 34 Stuart Highway
  • Laucke Mills  - 74 Elder Street
  • Central Australian Community Toy LIbrary (Diarama Village)
  • Mad Harrys Alice Springs (1 Parsons Street)
  • Robyn Lambley MLA (Gregory Terrace)
  • Bill Yan MLA (Gregory Terrace)
  • Joshua Burgoyne MLA (Gregory Terrace)
  • Alice Springs Town Council (Todd Street)

In the Todd Mall/ Alice Plaza: 

  • Sugar & Spice Childrens Shop
  • Tourism Central Australia/ Visitor Centre
  • Chamber of Commerce Office
  • Fawlty's Fine Food
  • That Little Cafe
  • Chansey Paech MLA office

If your business is interested having the Guide to Entries at your workplace email to arrange delivery.